recharging by catching sun and fresh air

Taking a stressless walk, doing some simple hikes, climbing the mountains or just catching some sun and breathing in fresh mountain air – the Zaglauhof ist the perfect starting point for many excursions in the alpine nature world of Werfenweng. A lot of cottages and mountain restaurants invite for strolling hicking tours by feet or adventurous mountain bike tours directly started from the Zaglauhof. At the Zaglauhof also e-mountainbikes are offered.
Especially for hang gliders the Zaglauhof is the best basis – it is situated diretly next to the vally station of the cable car Ikarus, which takes you to the peak of the “Bischling” and the hanglider take off site. The landing area for hangliders is 400 metres from the Zaglauhof.
On hot summer days our little lake “Wengsee” offers a great swim and fun for everyone. It is just 1,5 kilometres from the Zaglauhof.

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